Owners: Princewest49, Fugi7

Admins: dragonslay


  1. #1 by jacob on May 1, 2011 - 11:46 pm

    can i be a mod/staff ill be good


  2. #2 by dylanfitz1 on May 14, 2011 - 7:51 am

    Hello I would like to apply.

  3. #3 by Tigru35 on May 27, 2011 - 5:35 pm

    dude’s for staff positions post on Apply lol.

  4. #4 by pingualex10scheats on June 28, 2011 - 7:22 pm

    Can I become mod please? my name is Pingualex10 i play football please!

  5. #5 by Nickname on November 5, 2011 - 3:11 am

    Hey staff,I am currently working on a CPPS called TestingCP but i need help on doing it so please someone help me on it

  6. #6 by iSummer on February 22, 2012 - 6:11 pm

    I wish to be an owner. I will help out in any way to make this CPPS a better place

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